Tsunetomi Hachimangu in Yamaguchi City

Currently I have a short stay in Yamaguchi city, located at the very west tip of mainland, for around four weeks. This is my first weekend and I rambled new neighborhood on Sunday.

Sure, I visited a couple of local shrines! Two shrines are combined there: Tsunetomi Hachimangu (恒富八幡宮) and Takakurakou Shrine (高倉荒神社). Since it's named Hachimangu, Hondawakenomikoto, also known as Emperor Ohjin (応神天皇) is enshrined in Tsunetomi Hachimangu, as well as Ichikishimahime no mikoto (市杵嶋姫命), Takirihime no mikoto (多紀理毘売命), and Tagitsuhime no mikoto (多岐都比売命).

Tsunetomi Hachimangu taken by Infrared camera
On the contrary, Takakurakou Shrine enshrines Sumanoo (須佐之男神) and Ukemochi (保食神)

It's a brand new buildings as they lost almost all buildings by fire in February, 2002 (local newspaper article here in Japanese).