Red Colors In Naritasan

This is a part two entry of Naritasan Shinshoji temple that features red colors I've seen there.

Inside of the Great Main Hall
Goma (Sesame) fire ritual ceremony takes place twice a day and the ceremony has never ever been discontinued since the foundation of the temple. Over 1000 years!!! That's terrific! Fudo/Acala (不動明王) is worshipped there.

Niomon Gate
The 800 kg weighed big lantern (提灯) is hanged in the Niomon gate (仁王門). It says "Uogashi (魚がし).

Three storied Pagoda
The 25 m tall three storied pagoda (三重塔) was built in 1712.

Inari Shrine
Naritasan is very complex. Inari shrine (稲荷神社) is located in the temple.

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