Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ameno Uzume

Daidai Kagura (太々神楽) is a traditional dance performance that is dedicated to the Shinto deities. The script is based on Japan mythology. Shinto priests wear masks to play the roles of particular gods and dance along with the traditional orchestra.

In this photo, an old male priest wore a mask called Okame (オカメ) and was playing a Shinto goddess, Ameno Uzume (or Amano Uzume /天鈿女命). Her husband is Sarutahiko (猿田彦). He is one of my favorite deities and I photographed him during the Daidai kagura performance as well.


If you want to know more about him and how Ame no Uzume got married him, we posted this article on our blog, Budget Trouble.
This is a Sepia Scenes #122, Alphabe-Thursday entry (T is for tradition), and Thursday Challenge. The theme is "MOVEMENT"



  1. This looks like such a marvelous thing to watch. Great shot!

  2. I can se the old mans hands and a younger face. Would be most interesting to be there and enjoy the performance.

  3. This is a cool photo. The priest is big, yet the sepia reduces his size at least in feeling. Without other colors as distraction, the monochrome allows us to se and almost feel his motions. Nice!

  4. Great shots! I like it!

    Greetings! :-)

  5. This is a beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  6. I agree with everyone else about the costumes. They are amazing!

  7. I would enjoy seeing this dance. :) It sounds interesting.

  8. I think the Okame mask is really interesting, it is scary a little bit, and funny too.
    Nice shot, great tones!

  9. Wow it's very interesting, and I have that sensation to be curious about the face! ;)
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  10. You've captured the pose just right. I like the supporting lines in the background too that link the face with the hands. Great shot Yoshi.

  11. What a terrifically fascinating stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

    These pictures fascinate me.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.


  12. Great shot!!
    This DaiDai Kagura has something to do with rice planting??
    Yesterday, I went to a temple to see Shinto Ritual "Rice Planting Ceremony". I love this genorousness always.

  13. tickling image...
    have fun today.

  14. Hi Yoshi, again
    I'm sorry I made a mistake. In my former comment, I wrote shinto ritual was held in a temple. Later I examined the ritual, I found it was not a temple but a shirine. The structure of the shrine looked like a temple. Maybe all fo us didn't mind if it were a temple or a shrine. This seem to be another genorousness, I suppose.

  15. again... another great shot. love it.


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