Jazz Concert In Utsunomiya Downtown

Every weekend in Utsunomiya downtown we have free live Jazz concerts, since Utsunomiya is trying to be the Jazz capital of Japan... Let's see how it works out.


Time to Take Off

Two ducks splashed water and broke the silence early in the morning.


Open-air Building

Now the building is all gone and we have a parking lot there.

This is a Black and White Weekend entry.


Debris In The Spider's Web

I was supposed to photograph the sky but my camera caught the spider's web and debris, instead.

This is for Skywatch Friday.

Have a nice weekend.


"The cutest of them all!!!"

During the Kanuma Buttsuke Autumn Festival. Note the visiting teenage foreigners participating in the festival. If you want to see more pictures, click here.


Kan ei ji temple in Ueno, Tokyo

Taken with an old film camera (Nikon F801S) that a Sigma 15mm F2.8 Diagonal Fisheye is most likely attached to. The beauty of this lens is the resistance against lens flare and ghosts. It has never occurred to me before or I did not notice, except this time.

Can you see a very faint red-and-blue circle to the left side of the image?

Eventually I could make appear a funny ghost "haunting" the 15mm Fisheye lens! There is a cemetery behind the temple, BTW.

Happy Halloween...


At Jigendo Hall in Nikko City

Jigendo Hall (慈眼堂) is one of my favorite places to visit at Nikko Shrine/Temple complex area. Not so many tourists are there. So it's calm and cozy. I paid 500 JPY to enter and see buildings and statues there but it's FREE now!


Happy Smiles

Girls smiling on both front and back (with mask) sides at Kanuma autumn buttsuke festival, Tochigi Prefecture.


2010 Japan Cup Cycle Road Race

It took place in Utsunomiya city, Tochigi Prefecture. If you are curious about this race, click here (reports and results in English).


Misty summit

At Mt. Nantai in the morning. We were in the clouds when the sun was rising. If you are curious about climbing Mt. Naitai, please visit this entry.

This is a Black and White Weekend entry.