Misty summit

At Mt. Nantai in the morning. We were in the clouds when the sun was rising. If you are curious about climbing Mt. Naitai, please visit this entry.

This is a Black and White Weekend entry.


  1. Super Shot - SS! My husband hiked in the Cascades in WA + the entire Appalachian Trail, and I climb Mr. Everest vicariously via the internet. Now you see why your post is so appealing to me. Have a picture of Buddy summiting Mr. Katadin with all the fog and haze. The way you were able to capture this shot is awesome. Know you were happy to summit. Happy Climbing!

  2. Hi Genie,
    Thank you for your comment. Am glad you liked my B&W image. My wife and I gaspingly climbed Mt. Nantai, 2484 meters tall, during the night. It took us around 4 to 5 hours to get to the summit. As soon as we revealed ourselves with sunshine, we forgot all pains we have had. We plan to challenge once again next year!!!
    Happy climbing, too.

  3. It must have been a wonderful experience, and you certainly have a fine photo to show you were there.

  4. Hi Dragonstar,
    Thank you for leaving comment. Yes, the photo IS indeed a proof that we were there!

  5. What a great shot.... you ARE everywhere!

  6. Hi Joanna,
    Many thanks for your comment. Well, I got to say that YOU ARE EVERYWHERE!!!


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