"R"ushing across the "R"iver!

After the overwhelmingly astonishing storm, a river appeared in the middle of downtown Moka city. Reckless drivers desperately drove their cars in the river...
Did they leave their wash and futons hanging outside? Is that why they drove like speed-demons? To rescue their hanging laundry?

If you are curious about what exactly happened, we have a video to show you.

And we have a story to tell ya.

This is a Outdoor Wednesday, Watery Wednesday, and ABC Wednesday entry. R is for "R"ush and "R"iver. AND Friday Photo Challenge entry. The challenge of this week is "liquid".



  1. OMG, what a storm!RAIN RAIN RAIN !
    The video is very impressive but I'm really enchanted by the first picture, amazing motion!
    REGARDS from Luxembourg

  2. OMG!! is right! What a storm! I love the first picture and the sense of motion! Terrific! Have a great week -- stay dry!!


  3. Amazing and quite like our monsoons here!! Liked the speed-Demon rushing to rescue laundry LOL!! :D Sorry for those officials out there on duty.

  4. Yep! Rain is an excellent R-word!
    Great post!
    Best wishes,
    Annas ABC-Wed-rd-7-R

  5. Now that is a lot of rain! It can be kind of scary to drive through huge puddles/rivers of rain. We get a lot of rain here, and have had a couple of good floods, so I know the feeling! Great post!

  6. oh yes, we have storms like this one, too. and it's scary to drive in a two-way street with almost zero visibility. i'd wait it out at a gas station or a mall instead of braving the storm.

    great capture!

  7. Holy moly....that is quite a storm.
    Joyce M

  8. We never get rainfall like that here in NorCal. I think I'd try to stay indoors!

  9. Your photos are really great. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  10. Calling by from News From Italy via this week's Outdoor Wednesday, torrential rain seems to be causing problems all over the world. We have had flooding in Italy recently.

  11. nice blur on the background while keepin the subject focused :)


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