Short Announcement

Cited from Budget Trouble:

There are photo memes for every conceivable subject out there, from dried flowers to used facial tissues, so I thought "hey, why don't I jump on the bandwagon, too?"

And after a lot of thinking (if about 10 seconds could be considered a lot, and trust me, for many people it is), I decided to host my own photo challenge, with Mr Linky, a pretty badge (which I still need to design) and all that.

And the topic?
"Show Me Japan!"

The rules are simple:

1. You have a Japan related photo.
2. You post it on your blog between Friday 1AM and Sunday 11PM Japan time.
3. You stick the link to that post in the fancy Mr Linky widget which I will add to this blog.
4. You visit other links for more Japan-related photo goodness.
5. Hopefully, you will see some new things, learn new stuff and make new friends.
6. That's all.

So yes, I'll give it a try and see how it develops.

We will open for entries on Friday at 1AM Japan time and let it run all weekend. Get your cameras ready!

知恵熱が出る程の深い熟考の末(10秒くらい)、新規のフォトチャレンジを始めようと決めました。リンクはMr Linky、専用のバッジタグをデザインしました。

"Show Me Japan!"

2. 日本時間金曜日午前1時から日曜日午後11までの間に自分のブログにポスト
3. Mr. Linkyウィジェットにリンクを貼る(上記時間帯ブログに現れます)
4. 他の参加者のブログを訪れて、コメントを残してください
5. 参加する事で日本について新しい発見があったり新しい友達が出来るかもしれません
6. 以上、これだけ


Please consider that. I am begging you as seen in the picture above. I will keep you informed whenever updates are coming.


  1. 先日まで、私もこの中の1体でした。(笑)

  2. I've never been to Japan, I've never been outside the continental United States, so I can't participate in your meme, but I know what you mean... I have my own meme, myself, 'Old Barns', although I'm thinking of changing the name, just can't figure out to what! LoL!

  3. Hi Tricia!
    Thank you so much for your comment.
    You see, this meme is precisely for people like you, who have never been to Japan, maybe will never have an opportunity to visit Japan.

    And they don't have to. Instead, we bring Japan to you!

    While you may not be able to post a link of your own, you are certainly invited to visit other participants' blogs and see a country that you may not have a chance to experience firsthand otherwise.

    We DO hope that you will enjoy exploring Japan in this way! That's what internet is for, right?

  4. Wonderful idea to host your own meme. It will be nice to see photos of Japan.

  5. No idea what was happening here but it was pretty good for some thoughts. Good luck with the new meme.


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