Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Water Splash Crown

Stumbled upon a little blond boy throwing stones again and again to make water crowns (that's the shape the splashed water took) in Nikko city. He was so excited to see this shape and to hear the sound the stones hitting the surface made. I understand how he felt because that's exactly what I did in Nikko when I was around his age!!!


  1. i like those moss all around him.

  2. そうそう、ポッチャン♪ 
    といい音するんだよね !

  3. Hi Z Joya,
    Yes, I agree with you. A little boy wearing red T-shirt and green moss are good contrast!

    Hi Anzu,
    He made rather bigger sound than you described, since he threw quite big stones!!!
    I also hope that he remembers color and smell of moss, as well as what he did...


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