Friday, November 5, 2010

Extra-Sensory Perception

You know, our eyes have a very narrow visible light band ranging from 400 to 700 nm and the same principle applies to your DSLR/DSR camera. Although silicon-based sensors (CCD and CMOS) are sensitive to detect wavelength up to around 1200 nm, there are filters to get rid of UV (ultra violet) and IR (infrared) sitting in front of the sensor.

My old camera, Olympus C-2020Z, which I bought at Yahoo Auctions ($5 bucks!!!), makes it possible to photograph infrared (but almost all the visible light is cut off = no colors). The previous owner customized it to photograph infrared.

This is probably how bugs see the world through their own eyes!!!

And the image below is taken by Sigma DP1s (FOVEON sensor). That's how we see our world.

This is a Skywatch Friday entry.


  1. Hi,
    che bella queste 2 versioni della stessa foto.
    Mi piace molto la foto n° 1.
    Buona serata :)

  2. I like color, but WoW, it looks soooo much more dramatic in infrared! Absolutely stunning!!!

  3. Lucky dog you....I haven't ever tried to do an infrared photo. Nice that the camera was already. looks like a scene in Dr. Zhivago.
    Joyce M

  4. Terrific captures! I love colored pics, but the infrared photo is fantastic! Does indeed look like a scene from Dr. Zhivago! Hope you have a great weekend, Yoshi!


  5. WOW, the first view is quite jarring. beautiful to see the difference!

  6. that's awesome, thanks for a "bug's eye view"

  7. The first photo is stunning but I'm glad I'm not a bug. :)

  8. Wow - that first shot is amazing!

  9. How bugs see the world--I love it. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.

  10. thanks for sharing - lovely! and another reason im glad im not a bug ;)

  11. Quite amazing how big difference 5 bucks does. Now I want one too!:-)

  12. I take delight in colors, but I think the bug's view is also nice. Brilliant captures!


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