A Pair Of Monkeys

Whenever I stop at the parking lot of Akechidaira (Nikko city) in the morning, I see monkeys digging through trash bins and licking disposable dishes. It's so heartbreaking to see what they do but that's the reality. They got to survive harsh winter, especially the mom who takes care of her baby.

While the mom is having "breakfast", the baby monkey hangs on her belly. The baby does not lick dishes because Mom still breastfeeds it.

What can I do for them??    Well, I photographed them.


  1. It does seem very sad. She's trying hard to be a good mom.

  2. That's sad; I hope what she licking isn't bad for her. I don't think it's quite the kind of diet nature intended!

  3. Poor monkey, really seems hungry.
    The little baby monkey is very sweet :)


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