Light-Up in Nikko

It takes place at Sho-yo en (逍遥園) Garden in Nikko. It belongs to Rinnoji (輪王寺) temple. Lighting up the garden starts at 16:00 and ends at 19:00. It costs 300 JPY (around $3 bucks). Once you get a ticket, you can enter anytime. I entered at 16:00, took some pictures, my battery was dead, went out for dinner, charged the battery, and went back to the garden at 18:00.
Using a tripod or monopod is prohibited there. What I did was to sit down on the ground, hold my camera in my lap, hold my breath, extremely gently and slowly press the release, and not care what other people there thought of me.

Here is the website of this event (Japanese only).

This is a That's My World, Ruby Tuesday and Photo Friday Challenge entry. The current challenge of Photo Friday is "Dark". And one more Thursday Challenge. The theme is "AUTUMN".



  1. well,... sometimes art takes sacrifice,... or at least some effort... :)

  2. Beautiful night shot!

  3. The ticket policy should be like that everywhere! Finally someone has understood something. Good result with the "laptop-tripod".

  4. I do the same thing... hold my breath - It just seems to produce a clearer shot without a tripod! Very beautiful capture, too!!!

  5. Ladies and gentlemen,
    Thank you for taking your time and commenting. Really appreciate it.

    Hi Victor,
    I see what you mean. When taking nature photo, I understand that I got to wake up extremely early in the morning and watch carefully to see if there is bear nearby:))

    Hi YOSUKE,
    Normally I don't go to places where I cannot use tripod but I had something else to do in Nikko. So I decided to give it a try. At least once, you know!

    Hi cloudbusting2,
    Thanks for your nice comment! It's funny that "someone" who understood something is the BUDDHIST MONKS in Rinnoji temple. They are aware of running business!!!

    Hi Tricia,
    Provably I will take oxygen tank with me if I have to take photos once again there...

  6. Wow, that is amazingly beautiful!!


    Do stop by if you can find time, I'd love you to visit.

  7. A very good shot. Beautiful colors!

  8. you did exceptionally well! what a beautiful sight. I do wonder why no tripods, though (to keep out professionals, maybe?)

  9. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for asking and the answer is a path through that garden is too narrow and crowded to use tripod. But the funny thing is professional photographers are allowed to use whatever they want; tripod, stepladder... I saw one guy had Pentax 645D (Medium format DSLR)!!!

  10. Beautiful night capture of the red maple and pagoda in the gardens of Rinnoji Temple. Worth holding your breath for. :-)

  11. Wow ! Makes me speachless ! so beautiful !

  12. Wow, that is an amazing photo!! All the best from Anette in Norway :)

  13. Great night shot! That tree is on fire!


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