Jizo Statue

A jizo (地蔵菩薩) statue photographed at the cemetery of Jikoji temple (慈光寺) of the Jodo school of Buddhism (浄土宗) in Utsunomiya city. It was heartbreaking to see that many statues, especially the old ones, were either cracked or crushed there and they still remained as they are up until now...

The statue in this photo is taller than me and obviously one of several that survived the March 11th earthquake!


This is a Outdoor Wednesday #159 and Sky Watch Friday entry.


My New Companion

LED backlight keyboard under the dark

During the editing of the photo for the previous entry on New Year's Day (3 AM), my computer was terminated... When the computer was restarted, the poor guy could not recognize the hard drive. I tried so hard to fix it, however, nothing really worked.

After driving Ms. T to the bus stop, I had my computer with me and took it to the computer doctor. Since I did not foresee any hope, Ms. T placed an order for me for a new computer, Apple MacBook Pro (13 inch). Until the new computer arrived, I had had to use a very old laptop I bought a decade ago. It still works fine but due to the old version of OS10, all I could do was just to browse web sites. But hey, it's still better than nothing since we don't have a TV at home! I could, at least, follow what was happening in the world:)

For these who left a comment, I sincerely apologize for my absence.


Happy New Year!

We went to Rinnohji temple (輪王寺) in Nikko city (日光市)...

Happy New Year!!!