Pindola Bharadvaja

Adjacent to Miyajima shrine Daiganji-temple (大願寺) is located. The temple is also known as Kikyozan Hohkoin (亀居山放光院). It belongs to Mt. Koya Shingon school (高野山真言宗). The temple is dedicated to Benzaiten (弁財天), which was transferred from Itsukushima shrine after Meiji restoration.

In front of the main hall, there is wooden statue named Pindora Bharadvaja, who was one of four Arhats asked by the Buddha to remain in the world to propagate Dharma. In Japan he is called "Binzuru sonja (賓頭盧尊者), an abbreviation of Biodora Baradaja (賓度羅跋囉惰闍). 

As you can see, the wooden statue is pretty worn out. This is due to the belief that he is reputed to have healing powers. Visitors rub a part of this effigy that corresponds to the sick or weak parts of their bodies. 

Does it mean kids touching his head have problem of brain cancer???


Jizo statues in Daisho-in

This is part two entry of Daisho-in (大聖院) in Miyajima island, which is photo only but I hope you can grasp the atmosphere and solemnness of the temple. Words are not always required to express...