Problem With Missing Thumbnail Image?

Lately sometime last two weeks, I am having a problem with thumbnail images missing. It happens only to the newly entered photos...

As shown in the image above, I always put my photo first, then badge images of memes I participate in follow. When posted, the first photo has always been the thumbnail image. That's how it should be.

However, since 1-2 weeks ago, I noticed that the thumbnail of the entry is the badge image (the second image of the entry). I was wondering why.... until yesterday when I visited Blogger Help.

At Blogger Help forum I found a tip to solve this issue. For those who encounter the same problem, I recommend you to read this!!!

The problem is that since the time my photo images were being neglected as the thumbnails, the URL of the images uploaded to Blogger has been modified, which I did not notice. Because the badge image has old but valid URL, it is recognized as thumbnail image.

In my case, the URL of my new image is automatically assigned as:

To be recognized, you have to change the URL manually like below:

Get rid of "s" from "https" and change URL as highlighted in orange. Note that when preparing a new post, use "Edit HTML" function and change URLs accordingly. Don't forget to change two URLs in one photo. The first one starts at "<a href=http...." and the second one at "<src="http://...."


  1. Good tip Yoshi. I've had a similar problem this week too.

  2. Thank you, Yoshi. I've wondered why. There seem to be many members having the same troubles. This is very helpful. I'm so lucky to visit here today.

  3. Thanks for the info. It is FAR above my head at the moment, but have entered the link in my little black book for future reference. As you will see, my problem is with Linky on the Sunday Bridges meme with Louis LaVache. Linky keeps telling my my thumbnail is too large. I try to reduce it and as you see it becomes a blur. Jo sent me a suggestion, but I am still having trouble understanding the process of reducing through PSE9. Guess I will figure it out. Any help posts like this that I read, I enter them in my “:Little Black Book” of blogging info. Thanks.

  4. I have heard of this problem but like the previous commenter I am afraid the resolution is way over my head!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your research. haven't had this problem. But twice in the past the badge photos for memes I participate in have disappeared as have several of my photos. The only way I knew to resolve this was to reenter everything that had gone missing. A real drag. If there's a better fix for this, I'd love to know since I imagine it will eventually happen again. Grrr.


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