I am back!

Dear visitors,

I am terribly sorry for being away from your wonderful blog(s). Due to my family issue that happened soon after 3/11 disaster, I sort of lost my motivation to photograph. To be honest, I still am but I find it inappropriate not to update my blog.

From now on, I will resume posting photos, though not as often as I used to do.

This photo was taken last spring at Korinji temple (広琳寺) in Utsunomiya city with my old film camera, Nikon F801S with a fish eye lens, of course. It's totally out of the season now but the 200-year-old cherry tree should be worth sharing with my visitors.

This is also an entry for Show Me Japan Vol 1, Issue 24. If you want to see nice photos taken in Japan, don't forget to visit!!!



  1. Glad to see you are back and I hope that you're doing OK.

    Any cherry blossom photos is great for me, regardless the season I'm seeing them posted. :)

  2. Oh joy!!! when I opened my reader this morning and saw a new post I exclaimed "Yoshi's back!!!"
    this is a good day. I've missed you very much, but I do understand your absence. it's fun to once again see your fish-eye photos! I'm happy you're back Yoshi. take care and be well.

  3. Welcome back to bloggerland. Very beautiful photo of the cherry blossom.

  4. Welcome back, I am glad to hear about you!
    I hope things are getting better now.
    200 years old tree? Very nice!

  5. ooh, I'm so glad to see you again!...
    many times I was remembering you and wondering how are you
    please have a great week, and take good care of you
    best regards

  6. Glad that you are back. I was having the same feeling for sometime after the disaster but now, I am OK. Keep well!

  7. おかえりをお待ちしていました。子供の頃、何度転んでも走っていた日々がありましたね。いつの間にかカサブタとなり傷が癒えるまで、ゆっくりゆっくり治していきましょう。

  8. I also am glad you are back. I understand how sometimes what we once enjoyed becomes too much. I wish you a return of joy!

  9. It is so good to hear from you again and see your picture. I cannot imagine what you and your country people have been going through. We heard so much on the news at first, but now we hear nothing while you all continue to live in such an uncertain state. I worry for all of you. Take care and post when you can. You are certainly in my thought. Genie

  10. Yoshi, I am so glad as you are back! Many times, I thought how you had been. Welcome your comeback!
    I have never been tired of Sakura at all.

  11. This photo is stunning. I always look forward to seeing your work! :)

  12. I can certainly understand why you lost your motivation. I think I would, too. I would think an overwhelming sadness would occur, causing one to retreat & reflect, perhaps wanting to shut out the world for awhile. Completely understandable. Sending good thoughts to you & your family.
    Beautiful photo- love the wide angle & composition.

  13. It's good to see you back. I certainly understand how difficult times can rob you of your motivation and inspiration. I have been having a similar experience but I am trying to push forward as well.

    I always find your work very inspiring! I am looking forward to visiting you regularly again.

    Warm thoughts to you and your family.

  14. It is good to see you back... :)
    Fantastisk photo of the cherry blossom.
    Big hug from
    Halina :)


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