Yabusame Performance

Sorry for my absence from the blogging scene...

Yesterday we were at Nakamura Hachimangu (中村八幡宮) in Moka city to participate in Rei Taisai (例大祭). This festival is one of our favorite matsuri. They provide with bunch of events, Yabusame (流鏑馬), Daidai Kagura (太々神楽), sword performance named Batto Embu Taikai (抜刀演舞大会), and mikoshi procession, of course.

Have a nice week.


  1. An awesome shot, as always. :)

    And welcome back. You two have been missed. ^^

  2. welcome back!
    now I feel better with you around :)
    best regards

  3. Always love seeing new photos from you...they're both beautiful and fascinating!

    Missed you....welcome back!

  4. Hello Yoshi, you are missed, believe me. I think of you often, and hope that you're doing well. it isn't a bad idea to take a break from blogging now and then - I'm thinking of doing that myself! the motion you've captured here is beautiful! I love seeing your photos. happy day to you Yoshi. take good care now.

  5. Great shot. That you don't see much. Thanks for showing

  6. I saw this once at the 1000 Samurai Festival at Nikko.

  7. Hello, Yoshi
    I am glad you came back!

    The horse is running like wind!! It shows strong impact and energy!
    The archer is not holding reins! Oh, what a brave man he is!

    Your photos are always full of tradition and culture in your area.
    I feel good old Japan there. This is Japan!

    I live in northern part of Nara. We had only rain, but the southern part of Nara was badly influenced by heavy storm rainfalls.
    I hope everything about you and your family is all right.

    Best wishes,

  8. Hi Yoshi. Glade to see you making pictures again :^) I like the way you captured this moving horseman, and the sense of motion you convey. The purple really stands out!

  9. Welcome back! This is very reminiscent of the movies I watch, galloping in horses with an arch (or a katana at times). Great capture!

  10. Excellent image! I miss your nice photos! :)

  11. How are you? Are you ok? I am worried!
    My best regards from Romania!


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