Ohsugi Shrine In Kanuma City

Itaga no Amba (板荷のアンバ様) is an annual festival that have been taking place at Itaga district in Kanuma city over 150 years.

Mikoshi procession led by Tengu (天狗) and small lion (獅子)  starts off at Ohsugi Shrine (大杉神社) and visits houses one by one to announce the spring and purify evil spirits.

Since the Mikoshi procession covers quite vast area (= Itaga district is so rural countryside), you can easily miss the procession. Sure, I did miss it. Well, to be honest, I did not even have a chance of getting a glimpse of it and that's why I am posting the pond I found at Ohsugi shrine...

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  1. So sorry you missed it! But, the pond is beautiful and oh so tranquil.


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