Wedding Ceremony At Itsukushima Shrine

This is a part 4 entry of Itsukushima Shrine.

When I was in Itsukushima shrine, I saw formally dressed Japanese getting together at Haiden Hall. Wedding ceremony was about to take place!!!

The base sounds of taiko (drum) broke the silence and echoed all over shrine. Then shinto priest appeared without making noise, sat down in front of three deities, and delivered norito (祝詞) prayer. 

The ceremony was solemn but was also heartwarming moment as I could see that young generation still follows our tradition. 

Happy Ever After!

This is Our World Tuesday 13, July 2015 entry.


  1. That looks so beautiful and serene. As you say it is wonderful that the younger generation are following old tradition. You have managed to capture the moment perfectly without it feeling intrusive....well done it is truly lovely ::))

  2. So very interesting to observe rituals from different cultures.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  3. Yoshiさん こんにちは。
    素晴らしいお写真でご紹介頂けると、このような場での結婚式は 恐らく どれだけ年月が経とうとも 今後も同じ形式で執り行われていくのであろうと想われます。 とても厳かで、雅。 そして美しいですね。 我が家の娘もこのような結婚式を挙げ、誓いに添い 末永く仲良くいて欲しいものです。 「仲良き事は美しきかな」 なんて 誰かさんが言うとおり(笑)


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