Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rusted Donkey

Found in Takamatsu city downtown, Kagawa Prefecture. I could not help photographing this brownish and rusted dude. I assume that it was made by local artists once upon a time, but how come it looks so sad and exhausted now?

This is a Thursday Challenge entry. The theme is "Brown".


  1. I think it is a fascinating donkey! And I love the angle you have chosen, too!
    You asked whether Annie went through the ice - yes, she did, but the water was only a couple of inches deep, so she was fine.

  2. how amazing expresive is !
    Yoshi great shot!

  3. That donkey sure has an unusual expression. I like it.

  4. Very funny donkey!
    Thursday challenge: brown? I have a brown door on my today's blog photo :-)

  5. It's beautiful! One of the Belgian bloggers take photos of rusty objects all the time. It has character, like some old people who have faced all the hardships of our world.
    Thanks for your visit!

  6. Lovely art created from unwanted scrap.
    Nice click.


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