Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Matsugamine Church

Matsugamine Church (松が峰教会) in Utsunomiya city is made of Oya stone (大谷石).

In February, I visited there at night and posted a photo of this church taken with a real Fisheye lens and explained briefly about this church.

Fishing the Church
The beauty of chilling winter is the clear air and sky! Though it was windy at dusk and nobody was there, it was worth visiting and photographing with the blue sky behind.

Inside photo of this church can be seen there.


  1. I had no idea there was a church like this in Utsunomiya. Beautiful.

  2. It looks like you used HDR in your first photo and it really brings out the texture.

  3. Such a beautiful church! And I never heard of Oya stone before, it looks kinda soft.

  4. 宗教は何ですか? 檜垣紀彦


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