Cherry Trees And Giraffes

Today was probably the last chance for us to photograph cherry blossoms in our town, Utsunomiya. So we headed to the Oya district and Utsunomiya zoo (宇都宮動物園). Utsunomiya zoo is one of my favorite places to photograph cherry trees. It's plain gorgeous to see blossoms from the ferris wheel!

After approximately 5 minutes of the ferris wheel trip, I spent quite a long time taking photos of giraffes.


  1. Wonderful shots of animals, beautiful blooms, and people having fun!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Beautiful. The zoo looked like fun.

  3. That first shot is a treasure Yoshi :^) Also love your high perspective view on the lovely Spring blooms. Have a great week :^)

  4. Hi! :) I am new to this blog, so hello! :P

    I really, really am torn. I always like to pick out a favorite picture when I look at blog entries like this one. But I love the first and third photos so much.

    I guess I'll take the Poke'mon Snap approach and say that since you have two giraffes in the third photo that you get more points and therefore that one is the best. Bahaha!

    Well, actually, looking back... you have two giraffes in both photos... I can't make up my mind, haha. I love them both!

  5. What wonderful shots! The giraffe is delightful - and what a long tongue!

  6. Interesting blog. I'll try to come back and have look at the next pictures.

  7. Beautiful pictures!!!
    Greetings, Sandro & Cristina


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