Kaizan e

We went to Nikko city today just to see the nice views that the World heritage site has to offer.

It was snowing!!!

Cherry blossoms are far behind in Nikko... It will take about two more weeks until the Shrines and Temples are decorated with pink petals...

April 1st is the anniversary of Monk Sho-do (勝道上人)'s death. He was the pioneer who initially started developing Nikko into a religious center. The ceremony took place at Kaizando Hall (開山堂). Since he was a Buddhist monk and Kaizando Hall belongs to Rinnoji temple (輪王寺), the ceremony called Kaizan e (開山会) is organized by monks from Rinnoji.

Lotus sudra (法華経) chanted by 80 monks was the prayer to mark this occasion.


  1. haha!
    nice post
    here also we had some snow flakes... a kind of sunny storm...
    please take good care of you

  2. すごい迫力ですね。袈裟の紫、橙、黄みどり色 全てが僧侶たちの持つ威厳と自信を表しているようです。これほどの力が持てるまでどれほどの修行したのでしょうね? いつも素晴らしい写真を見せて頂きありがとうございます。

  3. Amazingly, our Spring was so early this year... our local climates are a little confused Yoshi :^) Glad you were able to witness this extraordinary anniversary!

  4. your spring is late, ours a month earlier than norm but in recent days the progress has slowed, with rain and cooler temperatures. I would like to have heard the chanting of Lotus Sudra - I bet that was a wonderful sound to hear. nicely captured Yoshi. thinking of you. take good care now. happy week to you and yours.

  5. Wow, still snowing in Nikko. Very interesting about the ceremony.

  6. Spring came crazy early to the east coast of the US. It almost seemed like winter skipped us this year.

    Your photos always tell such a story! Love the row of prayer books. The books and all the colors of the robes give the imagination plenty to work with.

  7. 厳かな儀式の雰囲気が伝わってくるお写真です。ずらっと並んだお経と扇子は圧巻です。80人とはすごい数! お坊さんの声はオペラ歌手のようにはりがありますね。聞いていると心地よくなり、眠たくなることもあります。素晴らしいお写真です。

  8. What a beautiful picture! Such a nice perspective and intensity!!


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