Rurikoji Temple

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Rurikouji temple (瑠璃光寺), located in Yamaguchi city downtown, is Soto/Caodong school (曹洞宗) Buddhist temple that Bhaisajyaguru (薬師如来) is worshiped. The temple is a complex comprising of Kazan (香山) park and Kazan cemetery where tombs of Mohri clan (毛利氏) are found. The cemetery is registered as historic site (史跡).

Entrance to Kazan Cemetery

The Rurikohji temple was originally located at Nihotakano (仁保高野) in Yamaguchi city that was established in 1447 by the widow of Hirofusa Sue (陶弘房) in condolence to him. Initially it is called Anyohji temple (安養寺) but changed to Rurikohji temple in 1492.

Before the Rurikohji was moved to the current place, Kohshakuji temple (香積寺), established by Yoshihiro Ohuchi (大内義弘), was there. In 1604,  Terumoto Mohri (毛利輝元) decided to move the Kohshakuji temple to Hagi city. In 1690 Rurikouji temple was transferred to there.

The 31.2 meter tall five story pagoda (五重塔), built around 1442, is registered as National treasures of Japan (国宝). It is 10th oldest one in Japan.
Five story pagoda

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  1. Wow your photos are amazing and this place is awesome!

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  2. You have so much wonderful history there to photograph and tell us about!

  3. Beautiful shots of historic temple.

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  5. Just a beautiful place and a gorgeous building !

  6. Beautiful photos! Love that pagoda.

  7. The temple construction is amazing, especially since it was built so many hundreds of years ago.

  8. Eye catching shot of the lotus, and wonderful perspective for the second photo.


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