Yamaguchi Daijingu

Photos taken in Yamaguchi Prefecture continue...

Yamaguchi Daijingu (山口大神宮), located in Yamaguchi city center nearby Prefectural Office (山口県庁), is established in 1520 by dividing the spirit of Ise Grand Shrine (伊勢神宮). It follows the same style as Ise Grand Shrine - Naikuh (内宮) enshrining Amaterasu (天照大神), as well as Amanotajikarao (天手力男神) and Yorozuhata-Toyoakitsuhimenomikoto (萬幡豊秋津姫命) and Gekuh (外宮) - enshrining Toyoukeno-ohmikami (豊受大御神), as well as Ninigi (天津彦彦火瓊々芸命), Amanokoyane (天児屋根命), Amanofutodama (天太玉命), Takeminakata (建御名方神) and Yasakatojinomikoto (八坂刀自命)

Naikuh (内宮)
These Halls are built based on a traditional shinto style called Yuiitsu shinmeitzukuri (唯一神明造) characteristic structure is seen on rooftop. 

Another view of Naikuh
Takamine Inari shrine (高嶺稲荷神社) and Taga shrine (多賀神社) are also in the area of Yamaguchi Daijingu.

Taga Shrine

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