Festival In Kanuma City

We don't have many matsuri (festivals) during winter and we miss them so much. So I decided to post a matsuri photo taken in Kanuma city, Tochigi Prefecture. When we were there, my wife was wearing a black T-shirt with a big logo saying "I♡Tochigi" (in Japanese). It really worked and everybody was friendly to her and she felt that she was a Celebrity (alternatively they were just laughing at her and it was all her misinterpretation!).

Each district has its own Mikoshi float. The floats in Kanuma city are well-known for their detailed carvings all over the main structure. They have four wooden wheels and are pulled by district members. As you can see in the photo taken by a film camera (Nikon F801S), a float has a small front stage to entertain the audience with live music played by a traditional orchestra hidden behind the stage.

If you want to know it more in detail, we have articles regarding this autumn festival (part 1 and part 2).

If you don't feel like reading, then you can enjoy photos taken during the festival: day 1 part 1, day1 part 2 float, day 2, hair style (recommended), Mikoshi float map night photos (recommended) , locals.

This is an entry for Show Me Japan Vol 1, Issue 11. If you want to see nice photos taken in Japan, don't forget to visit.

This is also an entry for Sky Watch Friday.


  1. I have been outside in the icey snow playing with my fish eye lens...this shot makes me think you were using one when you took it. The colors are so vivid and beautiful. What a treat it would be for a woman from the southern USA to attend such a wonderful festival. The only one out of this country for me was in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it was wonderful. This is a super shot in my estimation.

  2. Fantastic capture as always, Yoshi! I love your composition, the colors! Looks like a fun day and a wonderful festival! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!


  3. Great capture - plenty of colour - great angle of composition.

  4. What a wonderful POV and framing. Fabulous shot!

  5. Great photo for SWF!I love the colours!Have a nice weekend!

  6. Great festival and capture!
    Happy SWF
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. That's the best use of a fish eye lens that I have seen yet!! It centers the women and baby as well as the festival wagon. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Wonderful capture. Looks like a fun time!

  9. fantastic fish eye shot Yoshi...the colors are so exciting!

  10. Impressive angle and colors! Stunning one, Yoshi...

  11. こんにちは、どうもはじめまして。


  12. That is such a cool shot! We've never seen a matsuri in Japan. It must be so much fun. You can just see the joy in that photo.

  13. a gorgeous perspective, a wonderful composition. lots of colour, too!

  14. Very good photo taken with fisheye lens! I see this festival was really interesting.
    I also like festivals. Here in Debrecen there is a festival in every august, name "Flower carnival". You can see some photos of mine here if you like:

    Have a good weekend!

  15. Great shot! I wish I could have been there shooting with you, and tasting all the wonderful food!

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  16. Nice pics!

    "I couldn't help but notice that you have a follower, Dave (in sunglasses) that has jumped onto all of our sites and is using us to promote his travel blog even on semi-private family blogs. He is a parasite."

    You outta PM that kinda crybaby bullshit don't ya think?
    This isn't your blog...right?

    Again...nice pics :)

  17. I want that "I♡Tochigi" tee too! XD

  18. i like the perspective of the shot!! it shows the vibrancy of the moment..interesting info on the event too. have a nice weekend!

  19. What a delightful capture; fresh perspective! An interesting post all around.

  20. a terrific shot! interesting angle.

  21. Delightful festival. One day I am going to visit this beautiful country. Quite fascinating.

  22. かなり迫られてますね〜 迫力あります!
    ひょっとこに挨拶?(笑) されているお子様もきっと
    良い思い出になるでしょうね ^^

  23. fantastic colors and a very good shot!

  24. Positive misinterpretation is how I get by in the world. ;) S'the best way! :D

    And Kanumaaaaa!!!!! My beloved Kanuma!!! ^^
    I'm always happy when I see anything related to it, ever since I did a (really short!) homestay there in 2006. Yay! No one ever knows Kanuma outside of Tochigi though... ^^;

    It's great being ableto see more of it than I had a chance to back in '06, thanks! ^^


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