Tekomai Girl in Utsunomiya

Here is a Tekomai girl - part 2 that I photographed in my town, Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture. She is not our daughter. You can see our children there.

If you want to see other Tekomai girls, here we go. For those who are curious about Tekomai girls, we have something to tell you in our other blog, Budget Trouble.

         Click on the photo to enlarge.

This is a Sepia Scenes entry.


  1. I just told my friends, if we were to confirm to go Tokyo, would we be able to capture nice shots like yours or at least 30% as good as your.

  2. She's beautiful. Her costume seems very subdued compared to those seen at the link you shared with us. Of course, that may be because of the sepia tones. In any event, I like - very much.

  3. She looks so serious! I think she likes very much that she is doing.
    Very good portrait!

  4. Excellent photos and a grand essay on the historical reasons for their outfits on your other site. Boom & Gary Of the Vermilon River.

  5. She is so pretty, the young face so soft. The sepia really enhances her features, we feel the intentness of her look, her desire to learn and understand. An beautiful view!

  6. Where have the geishas gone? :) But she is beautiful tekomai...i love the image and the story that spans ages ago...nihon, suki desu!


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