Kumano Taisha

It's time to post Kumano Taisha (熊野大社), Ichinomiya (= the highest rank) Shrine in Izumo Province (出雲国). It is also called "Hinomotohidezome no yashiro (the birthplace of making fire/日本火出初之社).

At Haiden hall of the Ichinomiya shrine in Izumo province enshrined is "Izanaginohimanako kaburogikumanoookami  kusimikenunomikoto" (伊邪那伎日真名子 加夫呂伎熊野大神 櫛御気野命), decoding something like "A cherished offspring of Izanagi, a holy ancestral deity of foods in Kumano Taisha". The cryptographic name is adopted from Izumonokuninomiyatuko no kannyogoto (出雲国造神賀詞), a sort of letter/poetry submitted to Emperor from the Governor in Izumo Province in 8th century. Later on in 9th century, the enshrined deity is regarded as the same as Susanoo, one of offsprings of Izanagi, according to Sendaikujihonngi (先代旧事本紀).

Yakumo bridge
Having walked across Iu river (意宇川), the second Torii welcomes you.

Zuishinmon gate in front and Haiden hall behind

To the right side Susanoo's wife,  Kushinadahime (櫛名田比売), is enshrined at Inada shrine (稲田神社). Ashinazuchi (Kushinadahime's dad - 足名椎), Tenazuchi (her mom - 手名椎), Misakinokami (御前神), Hayatamao no mikoto (速玉之男命), and Kushiyatama no mikoto (奇八玉命) are also enshrined at Inada shrine. 

To the left there is Izanami shrine (伊邪那美神社) where Susanoo's mom, Izanami (イザナミ), as well as Hayatamao no mikoto (速玉之男命), Kotosakanoo no mikoto (事解之男命), Ohta no kami (大田神), Kunado no kami (クナド神). Haniyamahime no mikoto (埴山姫命), and Amenokoyane no mikoto (天児屋根命) are enshrined. 

When you see red torii gate, then it's Inari shrine (稲荷神社) enshrining Ukano mitama (ウカノミタマ), who is the offspring made between Susanoo and Kamuoochihime (神大市比売). 

White foxes can be always seen at Inari shrine. 

Since Kumano Taisha is located in the middle of nowhere, renting a car is the easiest way to get there...

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