Monday, June 2, 2014

Shoin Shrine in Hagi City

I had a chance to visit neighboring cities thanks to the generous offer from Yamaguchi native!

There are two Shoin shirines (松陰神社) in Tokyo and Hagi city in Yamaguchi and I, of course, visited the latter one.
The first Torii gate taken by Infrared camera
I think almost all Japanese can recognize him as one of the indispensable person in achieving Meiji Restration (明治維新).

Probably due to his given name, Sho (松= pine) in (陰), lots of pine trees are planted there.

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  1. 萩、津和野から出雲まで足を伸ばされた ご旅行だったのかしら?
    私達は娘の希望で鳥取砂丘を行程に入れた為 三朝温泉に宿泊し


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