Yaegaki Shrine

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Yaegaki shrine (八重垣神社) is the fourth shrine I visited on day one, where Susanoo (素盞鳴尊) and his wife, Kushinadahime (櫛稲田姫), are enshrined. Ohnamuchi/Ohkuni (大己貴命) and Aohatasakusahiko (青幡佐久佐日古命), who appears as Susanoo 's son in Izumo fudoki (= ancient record in Izumo province/出雲国風土記), are also enshrined. Because of that, the shrine was formerly called Sakusa Shrine (佐久佐神社).

According to the Izumo fudoki, Aohatasakusahiko was originally enshrined there. Later on, Yaegaki shirine that had been located in Suga district was moved into the area of Sakusa shrine and Sakusa shrine was incorporated into Yaegaki shrine. Since 1922, the shrine has been called "Yaegaki shrine".

Main Hall with thick shimenawa

Behind the Haiden hall, there is a shrine called "Yamagami shrine (山神神社)", enshrining Iwanagahime (石長姫) and her dad, Ohyamatsumi (大山祇命).

Yamagami shrine
You see the ancient style torii gate (鳥居) and the symbol of man. The enshrined deity, Iwanagahime, has a younger sister called Konohayasakuyahime (木花之佐久夜毘売). Since Konohayasakuyahime is beautiful (bur Iwanagahime is not), she became the wife of Ninigi (ニニギ), a grandson of Amaterasu (天照大神).

Here is the miserable story about Iwanagahime.

Konohanasakuyahime met Ninigi on the seashore and they fell in love; Ninigi asked Ohyamatsumi, the father of Konohanasakuyahime for her hand in marriage. Ohyamatsumi was pleased to hear that because Ninigi is the grandson of Amaterasu, who descended from the heaven to rule Ashiharanonakatsukuni. Ohyamatsumi gladly offered Ninigi Konohanasakuyahime and his older daughter, Iwanagahime, as well. Since Iwanagahime is ugly, Ninigi sent her back to Ohyamatsumi and married only with Konohayasakuyahime. Ohyamatsumi's intention of offering Ninigi his two daughters was to have Ninigi and his offsprings to be long-lived life like hard rock ensured by Iwanagahime  and prosperity like cherry (sakura) blossoms ensured by Konohayasakuyahime. Since Ninigi chose Konohayasakuyahime only, longevity became short and fleeting, like the sakura blossoms, instead of firm and everlasting, like stones.

Due to above incidence, Iwamagahime seeks male and male symbols are dedicated to her...

The shrine is believed to be the place where Susanoo hid Kushinadahime from Yamatanoorochi.

Susanoo slaying Yamatanoorochi (Image from Wiki)

To be continued...

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  1. Yoshiさん こんにちは!
    即、移動となりました。 同じ場所に行ってもこんなにも見かたが違うものですね。
    1枚目の竹の垣根は 私も不思議と心惹かれました。
    垣根はひとつの 結界だからでしょうか?

  2. Such a beautiful place!


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