Saturday, June 28, 2014

Naritasan Temple

Just prior to taking airplane at Narita airport, I visited Naritasan temple (成田山). 

Main hall

Actual name of the Buddhist temple complex is called Naritasan Shinshoji (成田山新勝寺) that was established in AD 940. It belongs to Shingon school Chisan branch (真言宗智山派)

Three storied pagoda taken by Infrared camera
Acala (不動明王), a guardian deity of fire, is worshipped there.

Somon gate taken by infrared camera
This is Weekend Black and White 27th of June entry.


  1. Awesome serie, great edit to b&w! Dramatic clouds makes the sky great!
    My post:

  2. Great and atmospheric shots, the second looks like a painting.

  3. Such lovely tones in these scenic images. Love the enchanting shape of the pagoda.

  4. I'm with Hans - the sky is wonderful. I've never thought of using infra red like this. The second photo looks as if it was painted on silk.


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