Suga Shrine Part Two

This is the part two entry of Suga Shrine (須我神社), stating the visit to Okumiya (奥宮).

Approximately after 8 min of slow driving (and getting lost), I found a parking space adjacent to the entrance to get into Okumiya. Then it's time for around 400 meter trekking under light rain... In the middle of walking, the first Torii gate is in your sight!

Along the steps, there are quite a few number of stones carved with Japan poetry, again reminding you of this shrine being the birthplace of Waka.

Three rocks that are close together are called Meoto Iwa (夫婦岩/couple rocks). From big to small, these are considered as Susanoo (須佐之男命), Kushinadahime (奇稲田売命), and Suganoyuyamanushiminasarohikoyashima no mikoto (清之湯山主三名狭漏彦八島野命), respectively. 

The faith toward stone is denoted as Iwakura (磐座), one of the style of Nature Worships. Back in Age of the gods (Kamiyo) or even in the 21st Century, Japanese had (or still have) a sense of veneration of the dead (祖霊信仰) and Iwakura is considered to be the sacred object where spirits of their ancestors reside. Probably this place is the heart of Suga Shrine whereby ancient ritual ceremonies took place and worshipped Mt. Yakumo (八雲山) as Kannabi (神奈備), a form of worshipping mountain as sacred one, by using these rocks as a symbol. These three deities are enshrined there after their death by locals who appreciated Susanno's termination of Yamata no orochi...

Although the weather still sucked, I have to admit that I felt really good (sugasugashii/清々しい) by visiting there and this is probably my favorite place during Izumo trip! 

It is definitely worth visiting.

This is Our World Tuesday 9 June entry.


  1. This place looks like something out of a fairy tale


  2. A really interesting post.

  3. Great photos and a mystical place.

  4. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, very atmospheric photos.

  5. Yoshiさん こんにちは。
    私達も昨年、出雲を訪れましたが、須我神社をスキップしてしまった事を 今、とても残念に思いました。
    お写真からも穢れをふり払ってもらえそうな 神聖な霊気が感じられます。 魂が宿ると言われている巨岩に苔が見事。
    Wikiからの情報ですが、 9月 例祭の前夜の 鹿食神事も気になります。 


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